Moving forward all boats participating in class one-design events will be expected to be in full compliance with the Class Rules. This will include class weight, hull and appendages per Rule AP.1, Sails, deck layout and equipment. We plan to schedule several measurement opportunities prior to the class events in Annapolis and Newport.

Several changes were incorporated to Rule AP.5 and are now included under Rule C.7.2 have been approved, including the following:

• Installation of Removable Lashing Pad eyes (Min load rating 7000 kg) in place of Wichard Pad U-Bolts for the backstay foundation

• Installation of two deflector blocks or fairleads for traveler control lines forward of the tiller on the cockpit floor (see approved location on the updated Rule AP.5)

• Installation of a Harken Diamond padeye for the deck tie down system directly below the existing Diamond padeye on deck aft of the mast partner, along with the installation of a 3/8” diameter eyebolt in the forward-most hole on the keel top plate for the deck tie down system (see manufacturer’s drawing)

• Installation of a deck deflector aft of the halyard clutches (see approved location on the updated Rule AP.5)

• Addition of a Spinlock Rope Clutch, which may be installed in place of the Harken cam cleat for the jib halyard (see approved location on the updated Rule AP.5). This includes removal of the jib halyard constrictor – the internal portion of the halyard lock may be removed as long as the manufacturer-supplied cover plate is left in place on spar.

• Use of a Mast Jack as supplied by the licensed builder – please note the restrictions outlined in Rule G.4.2 (b): the jack shall not be used during racing and the pump must be disconnected and stowed while racing. The pump is not considered part of the fixed equipment for purposes of weighing the boat.