At the 2017 AGM on Sunday June 18 on block island there were multiple rule changes voted on. The Class Rules that changed are below and go into affect on June 30, 2017:

H.1.1 minor wording tidy-up and clarification (A3 Spin now optional)

H.2.5 (f) (Coastal Racing A3 Spinnaker rule deleted now it’s allowed for all racing)

J.3 deleted and replaced with C.1 (d) (Coach Boat Rule moved and changed)

C.3.1 changed (Group 3 crew increased from two to three with one under age of 30)

G.3 (h) added (Headstay load cell now allowed)

G.7.2 (c) and (d) changed (Hydraulic jack use while racing allowed)

Bylaws 3.C and 3.F.3 deleted (Group 3 crew no longer required to be class members)