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Alternate Mainsail Pre-Feeder Approved

December 5, 2016 The Technical Committee has approved a Class Rule interpretation request to allow the use of a different mainsail feeder than that provided with the C&C 30 masts. There were reported issues of bolt rope...

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Class rules changes adopted October 28, 2016

On October 26, 2016 the C&C 30 Class held an SGM and passed several rule changes that will take effect immediately, those rule changes are summarized below: Create Corinthian category that limits the crew to one (1) group 3...

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2016 Annual Meeting Documents

Following are pdfs of the documents pertaining to the 2016 Annual General Meeting.   2016-Annual-Meeting-Agenda-Amended-6-30-16.pdf 2016 Annual Meeting Resolutions 6-30-16 C&C 30 Class Proxy Form C&C30Bylaws_2016...

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